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We sell listings of domainnames collected through various methods. They are *not* necessarily complete and some domains could have *expired* and thus *not valid*.

Lists of domains
TLD Number of domains Domain schema Price
.tattoo (Tattoo) 5892 domain.tld $3USD
.club (Club) 51644 domain.tld $3USD
.se (Sweden) 1451856 domain.tld $44USD
.cz (Czech Republic) 630251 domain.tld $19USD
.no (Norway) 337901 domain.tld $11USD
.nl (Netherlands) 3013429 domain.tld $91USD
.fi (Finland) 193990 domain.tld $6USD
.dk (Denmark) 566583 domain.tld $17USD
.de (Germany) 10809571 domain.tld $325USD
.ru (Russia) 2584310 domain.tld $78USD
.it (Italy) 954764 domain.tld $29USD
.in (India) 314320 domain.sld.tld $10USD
.gr (Greece) 171805 domain.tld $6USD
.tr (Turkey) 59918 domain.sld.tld $3USD
.mil (US Military) 8226 *.domain.tld $3USD
.gov (US Government) 48330 *.domain.tld $3USD
.edu (US Education) 791795 *.domain.tld $24USD
.eu (Europe) 1211918 domain.tld $37USD
.nz (New Zealand) 116023 domain.sld.tld $4USD
.au (Australia) 454884 domain.sld.tld $14USD
.be (Belgium) 470743 domain.tld $15USD
.ca (Canada) 880217 domain.tld $27USD
.pt (Portugal) 119430 *.domain.sld.tld $4USD
.br (Brazil) 332465 domain.sld.tld $10USD
.ch (Switzerland) 770513 domain.tld $24USD
.co (Colombia) 2567941 domain.sld.tld $78USD
.es (Spain) 533029 domain.tld $16USD
.ee (Estonia) 48180 domain.tld $3USD
.fr (France) 954281 domain.tld $29USD
.hk (Hong Kong) 36744 domain.sld.tld $3USD
.hu (Hungary) 314566 domain.tld $10USD
.mx (Mexico) 74982 domain.sld.tld $3USD
.pk (Pakistan) 19504 domain.sld.tld $3USD
.pl (Poland) 2075531 domain.sld.tld $63USD
.pl- (Poland) 724792 domain.tld $22USD
.us (United States) 2281676 domain.tld $69USD
.cl (Chile) 140172 domain.sld.tld $5USD
.uk (United Kingdom) 1332291 domain.sld.tld $40USD